Public Speaking

I’ve had the honor of speaking to to hundreds of audiences over the last ten years—from large international festivals to small intimate book readings. Public speaking has become a huge part of my life and career. I truly love being able to connect with people all over the world and it gives me immeasurable joy to pass along any knowledge I have to others. If you are interested in having me speak at an event, email me. For up-to-date information about upcoming speaking events, sign up to my newsletter and follow me on twitter and instagram.

Upcoming & Past Events

  • 03/27/2019

    Alt Summit

    Palm Springs, CA

    Alt Summit was founded in 2009. Since then, there have been 14 major events — seven flagship conferences in Salt Lake City, two flagship conferences in Palm Springs, two summer conferences in New York, one summer conference in San Francisco, and two more summer events in Salt Lake City.The conference started as a gathering for design bloggers, and as the new media landscape has changed, our content and attendees have changed too. We now draw creative, design-appreciative entrepreneurs across all sorts of platforms — pinners, instagrammers, vloggers, shop owners, content creators, and designers.

    Fellow Speakers:

      Too many to list!

  • 03/11/2019

    Creative South

    Columbus, GA

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Chris Do
      • Matt Dawson
      • Jason Craig
      • Eddie Lobanovskiy & David Kovalev
      • Elizabeth Ross
      • Dylan Menges
      • Syd Weiler
      • Carolyn Sewell
      • Hank Washington
      • Rocky Roark
      • Dex Alexander
      • Erik Friedensohn
      • Jose Ciceraro
      • Cat Noone
      • Rob Zilla
  • 02/17/2019

    FITC Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Now in its 12th year, FITC returns to Amsterdam to host their groundbreaking design and tech event on the future of innovation, design and all the cool shit in between. FITC Amsterdam features the world’s most innovative, technical and creative talks that will inspire you to pursue your dreams and create your very best work.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Lauren Hom
      • Emily Oberman
      • Maxim Zhestkov
      • Kim Alpert
      • Emilie Baltz
      • Mr. Bingo
      • Pedro Botsaris
      • Naomi Bower
      • Joe Chrisman
      • Dave Boyle
      • Alon Chitayat
      • Chris Corner
      • Michelle Cortese
      • Andréa Crofts
      • Matt DesLauriers
      • Kate Dawkins
      • Patrik de Jong
      • Sebastiaan Dorgelo
      • Margot Gabel
      • Chris Gannon
      • Moritz Simon Geist
      • Mike Hill
      • Matt Hryhorsky
      • David Hogue
      • Steve Johnsen
      • Bjorn Karmann
      • Mario Klingemann
      • Chelsea Klukas
      • Robyn Larsen
      • Ramya Mahalingam
      • Stephen Martel
      • Eugene Meng
      • Andrew Miller
      • Martin van der Molen & Silas Not
      • Jeremy Osborn
      • Irene Pereyra
      • Xavier Portela
      • Erik Rave
      • Phil Reyneri
      • Mark Rigley
      • Preet Singh
      • Grant Skinner
      • Paul Skinner
      • Midge Sinnaeve
      • Mandy Stobo
      • Matt Swoboda
      • Daniël Systma
      • Jeroen Thissen
      • Sander van der Vegte
      • Dolf Veenvliet
      • Andrea Zeller
  • 10/24/2018

    Design Thinkers Toronto

    Toronto, Canada

    DesignThinkers is Canada's largest annual graphic design conference, connecting designers from around the world. DesignThinkers speakers examine and discuss the trends, strategies and processes that are driving our industry. Attendees have the opportunity to explore the evolving role of design and how it is creating meaningful impacts for business, culture and social innovators.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Mauricio Alarcon
      • Kemp Attwood
      • Dominic Ayre
      • Angela Bains
      • Jessica Bellamy
      • Michael Bierut
      • Ayse Birsel, Birsel + Seck
      • Clare Brown
      • Julian Brown
      • Robert Brunner
      • Anthony Burrill
      • Pearce Cacalda
      • Alex Center
      • Ian Chalmers
      • Emily Cohen
      • Martha Cotton
      • Mohini Datta-Ray
      • Michelle Dougherty
      • Kat Downs Mulder
      • John Furneaux
      • Alison Garnett & Carolina Soderholm
      • Mitch Goldstein
      • Tosh Hall
      • Dawn Hancock
      • Josh Higgins
      • Grace Hwang
      • Wade Jeffree & Leta Sobierajski
      • Jean-Pierre Lacroix &
      • Natalie Lam
      • Michael Lejeune
      • Bruno Maag
      • Matthew May
      • Brenda Mills
      • Fidel Peña
      • Irene Pereyra & Anton Repponen
      • Erin Sarofsky
      • Adrian Shaughnessy
      • Bonnie Siegler
      • Lisa Smith
      • Matt Spangler
      • Laura Stein
      • Jay Wall
      • Forest Young
      • Zolty
  • 10/16/2018

    Tomorrow I’ll be Brave Tour

    All over the U.S.

    Between late 2018 and mid 2019 I traveled all over the U.S. doing lectures and events related to my kids book. Cities visited included Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Boston, Providence, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Omaha, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, Raleigh, Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Honolulu. A massive thanks to Alaska Airlines who made it possible by donating air travel and a big thank you to every local AIGA chapter and design organization that helped make all of the events happen.

  • 10/13/2018

    Adobe Max 2018

    Los Angeles, CA

    Adobe Max is an enormous cross disciplinary conference put on every year featuring leaders from all creative fields plus a few star celebrity keynotes. For the 2018 conference, I spoke on the publication date of my kids book!

    Fellow Speakers:

      Over 150 speakers across the creative industry.

  • 09/12/2018

    Brand New 2018

    New York, NY

    A two-day event on corporate and brand identity with some of today’s most active and influential practitioners from around the world.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Christopher Doyle
      • Annie Atkins
      • Kit Hinrichs
      • Sue Murphy
      • James Greenfield
      • Mirko Ilić
      • Katie Levy & Mike McVicar
      • Deva Pardue
      • Laura Forde
      • Scott Dadich
      • Leland Maschmeyer
      • Ivan Vasin & Ivan Velichko
      • Dr. Natasha Grand
      • Alice Ann Wilson
      • Neil Blumenthal
      • Chris Campbell & Lauren Cascio
      • Spencer Charles & Kelly Thorn
      • Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth
      • Jon Contino
      • Jessica Hische
  • 08/15/2018


    Heber, UT

    LetterWest is an incredibly intimate event spearheaded by Becca Classon in which forty attendees and the speakers share time in a collective space in Utah—the speakers giving talks or workshops.

    Fellow Speakers:

      Nick Misani, It’s a Living

  • 05/22/2018

    OFFF 2018

    Barcelona, Spain

    OFFF is an incredible creative conference with a huge lineup of artists from diverse backgrounds. This is my second time participating in the festival, and I’m extremely excited to head back to Barcelona.

    Fellow Speakers:

      It’s a Living, 1st Ave Machine, Albert Omoss, Animade ,Ben Grandgenett, Boldtron, Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Mr. Bingo, Paloma Rincon, Pleid, Querida, Usted, Brendan Dawes, Buff Monster, Camille Walala, Christoffer Bjerre, DBLG, Dogstudio, Facebook Design Systems, James Victore, Jan De Coster, Jeff Boddy / The Mill, Joshua Davis, Justin Maller, Kirsten Lepore, Malika Favre, Michal Misinski, Patrick Clair, Pentagram / Luke Hayman, Petra Eriksson, Pokras Lampas, Presstube, Raoul Marks, Sarah Grace, Stefan Sagmeister, The Design Kids, Tom Muller, William Paterson, Yarza Twins, Yoni Alter

  • 05/09/2018

    Hallmark Creative Leadership Symposium

    Kansas City, MO

    The symposium is a once a year, one-day event where all of Hallmark’s creative organization and some of their key business partners all come together to pause and be inspired by though-leaders, style influencers and creatives from around the globe.

  • 05/05/2018


    San Francisco, CA

    Layers is an inspirational conference that runs alongside Apple’s WWDC.

  • 04/30/2018


    New Orleans, LA

    Collision is an enormous conference with over 100 speakers including CEOs from top companies, captains of industry in tech, and influencery artist folks like yours truly. I mean...Al Gore is also speaking.

    Fellow Speakers:

      Too many to list

  • 04/17/2018

    Portland Design Week 2018

    Portland, OR

    This year I’ll be heading up to Portland to participate in their amazing design week! I’m hosting a sold out lettering workshop and am taking part in a group lettering art show.

  • 04/06/2018

    AIGA Cal Poly

    San Luis Obispo, CA

    I’ll be speaking at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in partnership with AIGA.

  • 10/21/2017


    Facebook HQ

  • 09/27/2017

    Levi’s Fashion Your Fit

    San Francisco, CA

    Levi’s put together an amazing panel of women for their event Fashion Your Fit, held at the San Francisco flagship Levi’s Store. Moderated by Alexis Jones, it was an incredible night, with great conversation and everyone got to walk away with a free pair of jeans.

    Fellow Speakers:

      Shilpa Shah, Aleksandra Zee, Alexis Jones

  • 09/13/2017

    VSCO All Hands

    Oakland, CA

    Fellow Speakers:

      Adam Savage, Ev Williams, Joshua Kissi, Carol H Williams, Erika Hernandez, Dave Morin, Faiza Farah

  • 01/26/2017

    American Greetings “Infusion”

    Cleveland, OH

    I had the pleasure of speaking at American Greetings alongside many other notable speakers at their in-house conference, “Infusion”.

  • 11/04/2016

    Hamilton Woodtype Wayzgoose

    Two Rivers, WI

    Hear that honking sound? That's a flock of your letterpress printing, type geeking, designerly friends getting ready to migrate to Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum's Wayzgoose 2016. Mark your calendar for November 4, 5 and 6 and plan to join us in Two Rivers for our annual type conference.

  • 10/17/2016

    AIGA National Conference

    Las Vegas, NV

    The AIGA Design Conference is the biggest event of the year for creatives from all across the country. Be there as the design community comes together for provocative speakers, nightly networking receptions, live competitions, exhilarating exhibitions, innovative professional development sessions, and face-to-face roundtables with your design heroes.

  • 10/13/2016

    American Craft Council

    Omaha, Nebraska

    “Present Tense” is the 12th national conference of the American Craft Council. The convening’s function is to locate, through the interchange of ideas, the place of craft in our contemporary moment. For two and a half days, join the ACC for a convening of moderated conversations between prominent intergenerational representatives of the field of contemporary craft with opportunities for open dialogue among conference attendees.

  • 09/05/2016

    Reasons to: Design, Code & Create

    Brighton, UK

    Reasons to: is the award winning 3 day international conference with a festival vibe. It brings the very best international speakers from design and code to take to the stage and inspire, inform, entertain, thrill, teach, and network with web designers and coders that attend from all over the world.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Gavin Strange
      • Mario Klingemann
      • Rob Bateman
      • Josh Davis
      • Adam Butler
      • Jared S Tarbell
      • Stefan Sagmeister
      • Seb Lester
      • Martin Hollywood
      • Jim Stoten
      • Erik Kessels
      • Laura Jordan-Bambach
      • Mister Phil
      • Genevieve Gauckler
      • Yves Peters
      • Mr Bing0
      • Stacey Mulcahy
      • Espen Brunborg
      • Eva-Lotta Lamm
      • Marian Bantjes
      • Ben Newman
      • Femke van Schoonhoven
  • 08/25/2016

    Yellow Conference

    Los Angeles, CA

    The Yellow Conference is a gathering for creative, entrepreneurial women who desire to ignite passion and bring goodness to the world through everyday living.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Alexis Jones
      • Jedidiah Jenkins
      • Arielle Wilburn
      • Kirsten Dickerson
      • Jenna Ushkowitz
      • Samantha Futerman
      • Jessica Ekstrom
      • Krysta Masciale
  • 07/06/2016

    ICON Austin

    Austin, TX

    The Illustration Conference is one of my favorite conferences. This year I’ll be participating in a panel with other female illustrators as well as conducting a lecture-style workshop.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Selina Alko
      • Melinda Beck
      • Marc Burckhardt
      • Gemma Correll
      • Eleanor Davis
      • Henrik Drescher
      • Camille Rose Garcia
      • Anita Kunz
      • Roman Muradov
      • Antionette D. Carroll
      • Kayla E., Nat Brut
      • Shelley Ann Jackson
      • Alex Mathers
      • Geoff Peveto
      • Sean Qualls
      • Martha Rich
      • Julia Rothmans
      • Lily Smith-Kirkley
      • Svein Størksen
      • DJ Stout
      • Michael Thompson
      • Jonathan Tobin
      • Sam Weber
      • Kyle Webster
      • Paul Windle
      • Calvin Wong
      • Ping Zhu
      • Alexandra Zsigmond
      • and more
  • 05/26/2016

    Semi-Permanent Sydney 2016

    Sydney, Australia

    We’ve ditched the lectern and curated an exciting new program that will focus not only on inspiring, but also enabling the creative community. The Thursday and Friday programs are about giving you real-time, global insights into getting the best out of your business or your role within one. It’s about sitting next to, or mingling with like-minded people that will open the doors for potential collaborations and partnerships. Future State sessions with the likes of Google, Netflix, Uber, Facebook, ACE Hotels, Commune Design, Atlassian and more, will also give you expert advice and a direct insight into the innovative ideas that are transforming our world. Want to do business? Want to know where your industry might be in 10 years? Then don't miss this global gathering. Saturday has been curated to give the emerging community the chance to upskill and maximise the potential to make some noise in respective industries. For those looking to enter the workforce, change careers, or start a company - this day is for you.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Hector Ouilhet
      • Dantley Davis
      • Jurgen Spangl
      • Ethan Eismann
      • Jon Wiley
      • Jon Lax
      • Pamela Shamshiri
      • Kelly Sawdon
      • Philipp Steiner
      • Christopher Doyle
      • Robyn J. Holt
      • Josie Young
      • Gary Baseman
      • Jack Mussett
      • Kevin Jenkins
      • and more
  • 05/26/2016

    The Design Conference Brisbane

    Brisbane, Australia

    Fellow Speakers:

      • D*Face
      • Jonathan LeVine
      • Timba Smits
      • Emily Woollett
      • Kitiya Palaskas
      • Lisa King
      • Todd Francis
      • Jonathan Calugi
      • and more
  • 05/21/2016


    Kansas City, Missouri

    I’ll be giving two talks in Kansas City this spring—the first to KCAI as a part of their “Current Perspectives” lecture series and the second to the KC AIGA branch.

  • 10/05/2015

    Adobe Max

    Los Angeles, CA

    Adobe Max is a three day festival with hundreds of sessions, labs, and creativity workshops, organized into six tracks: Creative Careers, Digital Publishing, Graphic Design & Illustration, Photography & Creative Imaging, Video, and Web & App Design.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Baz Luhrmann
      • Elle Luna
      • Brandon Stanton
      • Kelli Anderson
      • Laura Brunow Miner
      • Aaron Draplin
      • Louise Fili
      • Brad Frost
      • Erika Hall
      • Josh Higgins
      • Susan Kare
      • Austin Kleon
      • Bonnie Siegler
      • and many more
  • 09/11/2015


    San Francisco, CA

    Re:Make is a conference and festival designed to celebrate and explore the creativity in all of us. On Friday, September 11th, Brit + Co will host its third annual invitation-only conference about how creativity and technology are changing our daily lives, from our hobbies to our work. You’ll hear from people across the country who are literally changing the world with their creations, both analog and digital. Connect with leading designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, artisans and brands, all of whom are shaping today’s creative movement.

  • 08/25/2015

    UX Week 2015

    San Francisco, CA

    Design professionals from all over the world gather for four days of community, inspiration and skills building. Now in its 13th year, UX Week delivers new tools you can put to use immediately.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Adam Savage
      • Jesse James Garrett
      • Ben Mazza
      • Erin Rapacki
      • Karl Fast
  • 02/25/2015

    AIGA Nebraska

    Omaha, NE

    I’ll be speaking in Omaha in February, my last traveling speaking gig for much of 2015 (no traveling from March 1st to early Fall 2015). I’ll be incredibly pregnant, so it should be a really fun talk!

  • 01/23/2015

    Lipscomb University

    Nashville, TN

    The Lipscomb University Art Department will host me in its Presidential Lectureship for Art and Art History on Jan. 23. The lecture will take place in the Ward Lecture Hall. Reception at 5pm in the John C. Hutcheson Gallery, talk at 6pm! The talk will be an in-depth look into my process, with tons of tips and tricks of how to create beautiful lettering work.

  • 01/22/2015

    Watkins College of Art, Design & Film

    Nashville, TN

    The Watkins Visiting Artists Series is an annual yearlong program that welcomes nationally and internationally recognized fine artists, designers, filmmakers, educators and critics to the campus and the community. This will be the first of two talks I give in Nashville, they will be different talks incase you wanted to attend both!

  • 11/18/2014

    GigaOm Roadmap

    San Francisco, CA

    Today’s tech products live and die by design. At Roadmap 2014 you’ll hear from the world’s leading creators that are using experience design to disrupt industries.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Reza Ali
      • Shalin Amin
      • Gadi Amit
      • Mladen Barbaric
      • K.K. Barrett
      • Yves Béhar
      • Mia Blume
      • Josh Brewer
      • Signe Brewster
      • Robert Brunner
      • Adrian Canoso
      • Valerie Casey
      • Aisen Charo Chacin
      • Dantley Davis
      • Carmel Deamicis
      • Matías Duarte
      • Tony Fadell
      • Katie Fehrenbacher
      • Ryan Freitas
      • Dayna Grayson
      • Parrish Hanna
      • Kate Holmes
      • Mark Kawano
      • Rachael King
      • Erica Kochi
      • Cliff Kuang
      • Stephen Lake
      • Elle Luna
      • John Maeda
      • Om Malik
      • Stephane Marceau
      • Tim McCoy
      • Craig Mod
      • Hayes Raffle
      • Tim Roberts
      • Janko Roettgers
      • Simon Rogers
      • Marok Rolston
      • Philip Rosedale
      • Fabio Sergio
      • Peter Skillman
      • Kevin Tofel
      • Jeff Veen
      • Brant Ward
      • Evan Williams
      • Josh Williams
      • Julie Zhuo
  • 11/07/2014

    Semi-Permanent Wellington

    Wellington, NZ

    Semi-Permanent brings together internationally renowned designers, artists and creative icons for live events, presentations, workshops and parties. Be inspired.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Reg Mombassa
      • Tony Brook
      • Blidholm Svensson
      • Tom Uglow
      • Antonin Kratochvil
      • Phillip Andrew
      • Resn
  • 10/30/2014

    Web Directions South

    Sydney, Australia

    From their site: “Founded in Australia in 2004, by long time web industry figures Maxine Sherrin and John Allsopp, Web Directions conferences bring together the web industry’s leading experts from around the world to educate and inspire our attendees. Unlike many conferences, rather than calling for papers and speakers, we have a editorial approach — we put together programs based on current trends in the industry, and seek out speakers who are working in those areas to give inspiring, entertaining, but most importantly practical presentations.”

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Tobias Revell
      • Matt Webb
      • Genevieve Bell
      • Dan Hon
      • Jonathan Colman
      • Jonny Mack
      • Younghee Jung
      • Scott Thomas
      • Douglas Bowman
      • Tom Armitage
      • Erin Moore
      • Jake Archibald
      • Jeremiah Lee
      • Sarah Mei
      • Julio Cesar Ody
      • Guy Podjarny
      • Katie Miller
      • Bill Scott
      • Emily Nakashima
      • Sarah Maddox
      • Mark Dalgleish
      • Hadi Michael
      • Paul Theriault
  • 10/01/2014

    Designer Vaca

    Palm Springs, CA

    From their site: “We are gathering together female graphic and web designers from all over the country to dream, relax, collaborate, share experiences, and learn from each other. This intimate environment has a relaxed anti-conference feel creating space for amazing connections and beautiful relationships to take place. We are all in this together! So let's actually be together!”

  • 09/24/2014

    Airbnb Design Talks

    San Francisco, CA

    Airbnb hosts design talks in their beautiful space. Check in will start at 6pm and promptly end at 6:50pm in order to start the program. Please note an RSVP/per person is required to attend. They will not be able to accommodate any walk-ins. Title links to RSVP.

  • 09/18/2014

    Circles Conference

    Grapevine, TX

    Come and reignite your passion and imagination at Circles Conference. Circles is a two-day gathering of creatives from around the world. Learn from world-changing thinkers and innovators in both the non-profit and creative community. Mingle with others who share the same passions you do! Topics will encompass passion, creativity, processes and journeys. So if you are looking for the typical HOW-TO session, this is definitely not the place.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • The Heads of State
      • Sarah Parmenter
      • Dale Partridge
      • Doug Bowman
      • Kathleen Shannon
      • Jay Argaet
      • Josh Brewer
      • Lee Steffen
      • Josh Long
      • Josh Higgins
  • 09/17/2014


    Salt Lake City, UT

    Join AAFUtah as I walk through my process, share stories from projects like my work on Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, and give plenty of helpful tips on how to better your analog and vector skills. This talk takes place at 11:30am at Publik House, 975 S West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT. Tickets on sale here.

  • 06/17/2014

    Smashing Conference

    New York, NY

    With our upcoming SmashingConf New York 2014, we'll explore real-life projects, workflows and hands-on insights that we all can learn from and use right away. Same game, same rules: 1 track, 2 conference days, 7 workshops, 18 excellent speakers and just 350 available seats.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Aarron Walter
      • Brian Suda
      • Jesse James Garrett
      • Eva-Lotta Lamm
      • Scott Jehl
      • Fabio Carneiro
      • Jonathan Snook
      • Divya Manian
      • Oliver Reichenstein
      • Dan Rose
      • Meagan Fisher
      • Jonathan Hoefler
      • Andy Hume
      • Cassie McDaniel
      • Mark Boulton
      • Tim Brown
  • 06/14/2014

    SF Design Week

    San Francisco, CA

    From their site: “Join the Pinterest design team and Jessica Hische for an evening of eating, drinking and making as we proudly join SF Design Week. We'll mingle over Pinteresty cocktails, appetizing treats and delightful conversation before Jessica demos her design process live, from initial sketch to polished vector art. Our guests will then have the chance to screen print her final design onto totes, t-shirts and posters to commemorate the evening.”

  • 06/05/2014

    Kerning Conference

    Faenza, Italy

    Kerning is the first international conference in Italy dedicated solely to typography and web typography. On June 5th (only workshops) and 6th (conference day) 2014 we will gather in Faenza, in the very heart of Italy, top notch speakers from the whole world of digital and web typography to create an unique event. Kerning features a day of workshops (Jun 5th) and a Conference day full of talks (Jun 6th). Kerning offers a very interesting chance to meet developers, gurus, managers and innovators from all over the world.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Ellen Lupton
      • Francesco Franchi
      • Elliot Jay Stocks
      • Frank Chimero
      • Vincent Connare
      • Jan Middendorp
      • Erik Van Blokland
  • 05/19/2014

    Beyond Tellerrand

    Dusseldorf, Germany

    Where does the name beyond tellerrand come from? It expresses the aim of everybody involved to look a bit further, look beyond the edge. It also reflects the global perspective of our event. The expression is a mix of the English word “beyond” and the German phrase “Über den Tellerrand schauen,” which means “Think outside the box”.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Dan Mall
      • Erik Spiekermann
      • Jon Burgerman
      • Bastian Allgeier
      • Stephen Hay
      • Chris Coyier
      • Karen McGrane
      • Maciej Ceglowski
      • Ethan Marcotte
      • Robin Christopherson
      • Ola Gasidlo
      • Jonathan Snook
      • Aaron Gustafson
  • 05/02/2014

    WeMake Portland

    Portland, OR USA

    Born from the idea of creating a platform that fosters art and design within our community through hands-on experiences, workshops and design in action initiatives. WeMake hosts sketchXchange a monthly night of inspiration and drawing and a chance to peep into the sketchbooks of some of Portland’s favorite illustrators. WeMake also coordinates discovery workshops with Portland’s craftsmen community.

  • 04/23/2014

    Austin Initiative for Graphic Awesomeness

    Austin, TX USA

    A new, independent speaker series in Austin, TX, organized by UnderConsideration, featuring some of the graphic design industry’s most awesome people.

  • 04/11/2014

    AIGA Jacksonville

    Jacksonville, Florida

    Jessica Hische joins AIGA Jacksonville as keynote speaker and guest judge for the organization’s 25th Annual Portfolio Review. The event gives students and recent graduates from the region the opportunity to interact with local design professionals for feedback on their portfolios and advice for getting a creative career started. Hische’s keynote presentation kicks off this two-day event at the University of North Florida.

  • 03/25/2014

    Alaska Design Forum

    Various Cities, Alaska

    I’ll be touring around Alaska for a week this March, making three stops for speaking engagements! I’ll be speaking on my process and showing recent projects along with all the educational nuggets I can inject into an hour-long lecture.

    • Juneau: Gold Town Nickelodeon, 6pm
    • Fairbanks: The Blue Loon, 6pm
    • Anchorage: Anchorage Community Works, 6pm
  • 02/01/2014

    Graphika Manila

    Manila, Phillipines

    Graphika Manila is the premiere multimedia and graphic design event in the Philippines. Since 2006, Graphika Manila has attracted over 10,000 design students and professionals and is now hailed as one of the most influential multimedia events in the country.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Sara Blake
      • Dvein
      • Isabel Gatuslao
      • Ash Thorp
      • The Mill
  • 11/02/2013

    Farmhouse Conf

    Hollywood, CA USA

    Farmhouse Conf 5 is the fifth and final show of Hollywood’s best backyard storytelling conference. 1 day / 1 track, 10 speakers (5 men / 5 women), no slides, no projectors. Amazing people telling incredible stories of Collapse.

    The event brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and influences. The big vision is to get amazing people together, inspire them, give them time and space to cross pollinate... then watch what great things come from it.

    FHC5 will invite back all past speakers and bands to come back and be a part of the reunion / farewell show.

    Attendees are welcome to camp in the backyard if you bring your own gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc). All the food and drinks are provided during the day and night. After the day of talks, we party into the night with live music, free booze and tasty treats.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Claire Evans
      • Richard Heinberg
      • Drew Hoolhorst
      • John Barnette
      • Julie Ann Horvath
  • 10/25/2013

    Semi-Permanent, Melbourne

    Melbourne, Australia

    Semi-Permanent is excited to be back in Melbourne for our fifth year. We have another exciting lineup of the worlds most creative professionals from a diverse variety of fields related to visual arts and design. Come and be inspired by creatives at the top of their careers, individuals who see art and design as a passion and a lifestyle, not just a job.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Magdalena Wosinska
      • Nicholas Felton
      • Ant Keogh
      • Ben Briand
      • Miso, Seb Lester
      • Glendyn Ivin
      • Julian Frost
      • Moffitt.Moffitt
      • Paul White
      • Hunt & Co.
      • Lilli Waters
  • 10/03/2013

    Design Camp

    Nisswa, Minnesota USA

    Since 1980, Design Camp® has been AIGA Minnesota’s premiere event and the largest regional design conference in the country. Held annually in late September/early October at a lodge in northern Minnesota, this event sets the standard for design conferences across the country.

    Design Camp provides an atypical conference structure, mixing indoor and outdoor activities with both educational and social events.

    Design Camp lasts for three days. Campers arrive Friday morning for registration and depart Sunday afternoon. Five keynote speakers set the tone for camp, while small-group workshops and creative sessions follow each presentation. Attendees (referred to as “campers”) stay in lakefront cabins or golf-friendly condos and meet in the main lodge for events and meals. Friday and Saturday nights offer much socializing and tend to run late into the night.

  • 08/08/2013

    Way Out West Talks

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Way Out West Talks is an initiative taken by Yay Festival and Luger and is a series of talks by inspiring people on Sweden’s most credible music festival Way Out West. This is the first year but the lineup is filled with great names!

  • 05/20/2013

    An Event Apart: San Diego

    San Diego, CA USA

    An Event Apart is an intensely educational two-day conference for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design. If you care about code as well as content, usability as well as design, An Event Apart is the conference you’ve been waiting for.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Luke Wroblewski
      • Josh Clark
      • Karen McGrane
      • Ethan Marcotte
      • Jon Tan
      • Sarah Parmenter
      • Scott Berkun
      • Scott Jehl
      • Jared Spool
      • Eric Meyer
      • Jeffrey Zeldman
  • 05/16/2013

    AIGA Houston

    Houston, TX USA

    I presented to AIGA Houston, it was a packed house and the venue was amazing! And Ed, the manager of the space, kept the scotch flowing freely which made for an interesting night.

  • 03/14/2013

    Society of Design

    Harrisburg, PA USA

    The Society of Design in Pennsylvania put together this epic invite in which they ordered custom vanity license plates to spell out a message to me (and now drive around with them on their cars!) to get me to come out and do a talk. Of course I said yes!

  • 02/27/2013

    Design Indaba

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Since 1995, Design Indaba has been committed to a vision that is built on the belief that creativity will fuel an economic revolution in South Africa.

    As such, Design Indaba is a celebration of design in a country iconic of the triumph of the human spirit. Proof that even the most intractable problem can be neutralised by the will of the people, resurgent South Africa is a beacon to the world. Design Indaba typifies this can-do spirit through its belief in design and how it can help solve the problems faced by an emerging economy. With the right support, a better future can be designed.

    By attracting the world's brightest talent, Design Indaba has become a respected institution on the creative landscape and one of the few global events that celebrates all the creative sectors - graphic design, advertising, film, music, fashion design, industrial design, architecture, craft, visual art, new media, publishing, broadcasting and performing arts sector. Besides the flagship conference and expo,Design Indaba has grown into a multitiered experience that incorporates an extensive range of elements such as events, publications, education, training, business, development and community initiatives.

  • 01/23/2013

    New Adventures

    Nottingham, England UK

    Single-track conference with eight talks, carefully curated to excite, enthuse, and seek outcomes, affordable half-day workshops covering web typography, responsive design, prototyping and much more, and two floors of epic after–party action.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Jason Santa Maria
      • Jon Tan
      • Stephanie Troeth
      • Tiago Pedras
      • Tyler Mincey
      • Seb Lee-Delisle
      • Andy Clarke
      • Sarah Parmenter
      • Steph Hay
  • 12/09/2012

    Inspire Conference

    Leiden, The Netherlands

    Ready to Inspire is a brand new conference about the craft of web design, type and code. It has workshops, live music, meetups and parties, but above all an exciting lineup of today's craftspeople and mind blowing new faces.

    We believe the group of speakers we have gathered will inspire you and get you ready to rock 2013. Fuel your brain with awesomeness and ignite your creativity. Make powerful connections and enjoy all the great things this event will offer you.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Jeffrey Zeldman
      • Simon Collison
      • Brad Frost
      • Chris Shiflett
      • Cindy Chastain
      • Tim Brown
      • Shelly Bowen
      • Derek Featherstone
      • Linda Sandvik
      • Owen Gregory
      • Breandán Knowlton
      • Tammie Lister
      • Vasilis van Gemert
  • 12/05/2012

    AIGA Honolulu

    Honolulu, HI USA

    Designer Dialogue with Jessica Hische at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Art Auditorium.

  • 12/02/2012

    In Control

    Honolulu, HI USA

    Spend two content-rich days with some of the most forward-thinking Designers and Developer building today’s Web. Limited enrollment and longer sessions allow for more meaningful interaction with our expert speakers and fellow attendees. Join us to expand your skill set and use updated techniques to refine your Web design craft.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Daniel Burka
      • Ben Callahan
      • Chris Coyier
      • Brad Frost
      • Kristina Halvorson
      • Cindy Li
      • David McFarland
      • Karen McGrane
      • Dave Rupert
  • 10/06/2012

    We Love Graphic Design

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    We Love Graphic Design is a celebration of the world of graphic design in the shape of an annual one day seminar featuring lectures from some of the most important, inspirational and insanely creative graphic designers working today.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Emil Kozak
      • Made By Handwerk
      • Sarah Illenberger
      • Snask
      • James Victore
  • 09/22/2012

    UVU Lecture

    Salt Lake City, Utah USA

    A lecture for students at UVU in Utah.

  • 08/06/2012

    An Event Apart: DC

    Washington, D.C. USA

    An Event Apart DC features 12 great speakers and sessions. Following the two-day conference comes an intense full-day workshop on Responsive Design led by Ethan Marcotte (author, Responsive Web Design, A Book Apart, 2011).

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Jeffrey Zeldman
      • Sarah Parmenter
      • Luke Wroblewski
      • Brad Frost
      • Ethan Marcotte
      • Karen McCrane
      • Erin Kissane
      • Josh Clark
      • Mike Monteiro
      • Kevin M. Hoffman
      • Jared Spool
  • 07/19/2012

    Target: Spark

    Minneapolis, MN USA

    Spark is a lecture series put on by Target for their marketing team.

  • 07/14/2012


    The Illustration Conference [ICON] is a grass-roots, professional organization established in 1997 to serve the illustration community and promote the use of illustration in all media, provide a platform for illustrators and image-makers to address issues from a tight knit community and develop new approaches to this historically significant profession. ICON is a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization supported by our sponsors and attendees registration fees. Unlike many other conferences, ICON is not supported with membership dues. Since the first conference in Santa Fe, ICON has been dedicated to the advancement of art, design, and communication in the graphic arts fieled and supports the exploration of new concepts, media, technologies and professional opportunities for artist and image creators. ICON is committed to creating an ongoing dialogue that serves the whole industry of the applied graphic arts and the clients that illustrators serve. Each conference brings together a community of illustrators to explore new concepts, media, technologies, and professional issues. Programming topics fall into these three important categories: Inspiration, Industry and Business.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Charles Adler, Vanessa Bertozzi, Matias Corea,
      • Bob Staake
      • Sam Weber, Chris Silas Neal, Josh Cochran
      • Elizabeth Parisi, Chad Beckerman, Cecily Kaiser, Rachel Cole
      • Robert Levine
      • Kiel Johnson,
      • Amy Hausmann, Lydia Bradshaw
      • Dan Santat, Adam Rex
      • Julia Rothman
      • Scott Matthews
      • Lynda Barry, Matt Groening
      • Paul Buckley (Penguin Books), Steve Charney (Rolling Stone), Thomas Schmid (Buck TV)
      • Linda Joy
      • Marshall Arisman, David Porter
      • Tim O’Brien
      • Tommy Lee Edwards
      • Idiot’s Books
      • John Cuneo, Marcellus Hall, Jillian Tamaki
      • Christy Karacas
      • Yuko Shimizu, DC Comics
      • Esther Pearl Watson
      • Irene Gallo, Jon Foster, Greg Manchess
      • Starlee Kine, Arthur Jones
      • Brian Rea, Paul Sahre
  • 07/06/2012


    New Orleans, LA USA

    TypeCon2011 surges into the Big Easy. Dozens of the brightest names in type and design will share their knowledge and skills, exploring topics such as: Japanese typography; the champions of readability; typography for the web; the graphic history behind QSL cards; book design and bookbinding; Fontographer basics; letterpress techniques; connections between lettering and lingerie; historic New Orleans print engraving; the lack of Latin typographic heritage in Turkey; glass gliding; and so much more.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Lynne Baggett
      • Ed Benguiat
      • William Berkson
      • David Berlow
      • John D. Berry
      • Scott Boms
      • Veronika Burian
      • Aaron Carámbula
      • Matthew Carter
      • Nancy Sharon Collins
      • Viviana Cordova,
      • Bill Davis
      • Carolina de Bartolo
      • Luke Dorny
      • John Paul Dowling
      • John Downer
      • Angela Driscoll
      • Carol Fillip
      • Lorrie Frear
      • Mehmet Gözetlik
      • Will Hill
      • Jessica Hische
      • Otmar Hoefer
      • Amelia Hugill-Fontanel
      • Mark Jamra
      • John Jennings
      • Kenneth Jones
      • Akira Kobayashi
      • Jenny LeBlanc
      • Gerry Leonidas
      • Ian Lynam
      • Grahame Lynch
      • Erik Marinovich
      • Ricardo Martins
      • Erin McLaughlin
      • Vince Mitchell
      • Anitra Nottingham
      • Sharon Oiga
      • Ketty Miranda Orozco
      • Leonard Otillio
      • Dr. Kayanna Pace
      • David Peacock
      • Thomas Phinney
      • Rafael Díaz Rey
      • Nancy Rorabaugh
      • José Scaglione
      • Juliet Shen
      • Neil Summerour
      • Guy Villa
      • Brian Warren
      • Jim Wasco
      • Marcin Wichary
      • Onur Yazıcıgil
  • 06/08/2012

    Creative Mornings

    Vancouver, BC Canada

    CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!

  • 06/07/2012


    Vancouver, BC Canada

  • 05/17/2012

    TYPO Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

    TYPO conference speakers are innovative designers, professors, marketing experts, scientists, artists, journalists and much more. They present and discuss diverse approaches in the fields of communication and design. TYPO inspires, offers insights and experiments, encourages the exchange of knowledge and is a creative playground for communication professionals.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Andy Altmann
      • Lupi Asensio
      • Ruedi Baur
      • Frithjof Bergmann
      • Frederik Berlaen
      • Béa Beste
      • Aart van Bezooyen
      • Jacob Bilabel
      • Petr van Blokland
      • Erik van Blokland
      • Matthew Butterick
      • Nadine Chahine
      • Kirsten Dietz
      • Moritz Eckert
      • Carima El-Behairy
      • Jeff Faulkner
      • Andreas Frohloff
      • Maurice Göldner
      • Martin Grothmaak
      • Michael Hardt
      • John Hudson
      • Nat Hunter
      • Stefan Kiefer
      • Joachim Kobuss
      • Bernd Kolb
      • Hanif Kureshi
      • Paul van der Laan
      • Kaisa Leka
      • Christoffer Leka
      • Martin Lorenz
      • Shoko Mugikura
      • Lars Müller
      • Morag Myerscough
      • Heike Nehl
      • Yves Peters
      • Albert-Jan Pool
      • Paula Raché
      • Michael Schirner
      • Sibylle Schlaich
      • Petz Scholtus
      • Elliot Jay Stocks
      • Nina Stössinger
      • Jan Teunen
      • Andreas Uebele
      • Daniel van der Velden
      • Susanne Zippel
  • 05/17/2012

    OFFF Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain

    OFFF is an entity in continuous transformation, alive and evolutionary. More than a decade ago, it was born as a post-digital culture festival; a meeting place to host contemporary creation through an in depth programme of conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • James Victore
      • Joshua Davis
      • Jonathan Harris
      • Yuko Shimizu
      • Matias Corea
      • I Love Dust
      • Daniel Eatock
      • Memo Atken
      • Champagne Valentine
      • Hellicar & Lewis
      • Linda Zacks
      • Lucy McRae
      • Matt Lambert
      • Somewhat
      • Andreu Balius
      • Radical Friend
      • Attik
      • Brosmind + Upper First
      • 1st Ave Machine
  • 04/05/2012

    TYPO San Francisco

    San Francisco, CA USA

    TYPO conference speakers are innovative designers, professors, marketing experts, scientists, artists, journalists and much more. They present and discuss diverse approaches in the fields of communication and design. TYPO inspires, offers insights and experiments, encourages the exchange of knowledge and is a creative playground for communication professionals.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Joseph Bekcer
      • Juliette Bellocq
      • John D. Berry
      • Michael Bierut
      • Neville Brody
      • Kutlu Çanlıoğlu
      • Rod Cavazos
      • Peter Cho
      • Joshua Davis
      • Carolina de Bartolo
      • Michael B. Johnson
      • Heath Kessler
      • Eva-Lotta Lamm
      • LUST
      • Sean McBride
      • Mike Monteiro
      • Jason Munn
      • Morag Myerscough
      • Jim Parkinson
      • Parra
      • Yves Peters
      • Thomas Phinney
      • Hugo Puttaert
      • Oliver Reichenstein
      • Tina Roth Eisenberg
      • Damon Styer
      • Khoi Vinh
  • 03/09/2012


    Dublin, Ireland

    Originally an initiative of The Small Print when it begun in early 2009, OFFSET has quickly grown into an strong entity in itself.

    Run by Peter O’Dwyer, Bren Byrne and Richard Seabrooke (all creatives living and working in Dublin) it has become Dublin’s premier creative festival attracting speakers and visitors from all over the world. In the 2 years since inception OFFSET has produced over 100 hours of presentations, workshops, debates, interviews and Q&A’s with some of the leading creatives in the world, several large scale gallery shows and some proper full-on party nights.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Stefan Sagmeister
      • Paula Scher
      • Michael Beirut
      • Seymour Chwast
      • Shepard Fairey
      • Olly Moss
      • Erik Kessels
      • Evan Hecox
      • Friends with You
      • Kyle Cooper (Prologue Films)
      • Matt Clark (United Visual Artists)
      • Steve Simpson
      • Pony
      • Richard Gilligan
      • Antoine et Manuel
      • Von
      • Rinzen
      • Eike König
      • Andrew Essex (Droga 5)
      • Johnny Kelly
      • Conor Harrington
      • Conor & David
  • 03/01/2012


    San Jose, Costa Rica

    El FID nace como un festival de diseño transdisciplinar, un lugar de encuentro en que la creación contemporánea se hace presente durante 3 días de conferencias, talleres, exhibiciones y fiestas.

    Durante su primera edición, pasado marzo 2011, visitaron Costa Rica catorce renombrados diseñadores de talla mundial, entre los Paula Scher, Joshua Davis, Mich Rojkind, Seymour Chwast, Max-O-Matic, Luba Lukova y Mik Urmeneta. Además, 5 de estos conferencistas impartieron talleres en donde se generaron espacios más cercanos de intercambio y educación.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Stefan Sagmeister
      • Karim Rashid
      • David Droga
      • Benjamin García
      • Ruy Ohtake
      • Eduardo del Fraile
      • Andrés Amaya
      • Carlos Argüello
  • 02/20/2012

    Washington University

    St. Louis, MO USA

    Lecture and round-table discussion with Washington University students within the illustration and design departments.

  • 02/13/2012


    Wellington, New Zealand

    Webstock 2012 will be bestest, greatest, most amazingly awesome conference ever. In the history of the world. Fact. Two action-packed days of aspiration, inspiration and brain stimulation, starring 20+ stars of the web firmament; a veritable hotbed of uber-talent. Experts in HTML5, CSS3, responsive design & enhancement, mobile app development, user experience, analytics and oodles more, this will be unmissable.

  • 12/05/2011

    Apple Store SF

    San Francisco, CA USA

    As a part of the ADC Young Guns partnership with the Apple Store, I lectured at the San Francisco downtown location.

  • 11/09/2011

    A2A Lecture

    Connecticut, USA

    Lecture sponsored by the Type Directors Club at A2A Graphics in Connecticut. The lecture was also live-streamed to TDC members that signed up.

  • 11/01/2011

    Design Thinkers

    Toronto, Ontario Canada

    DesignThinkers is Canada’s largest annual design conference, and one of the most respected in the world, welcoming professionals from the creative and business communities alike.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Deborah Adler
      • Jason Bruges
      • David C. Baker
      • Bill Buxton
      • Brian Collins & Leland Maschmeyer
      • Chip Kidd
      • Steve Edge
      • Tom Geismar
      • Sagi Haviv
      • Ivan Chermayeff
      • Rob Giampietro
      • Stanley Hainsworth
      • Allan Haley
      • Rei Inamoto
      • George Lois
      • David MacKay
      • Bobby Martin & Jennifer Kinon
      • Patrick Mitchell
      • Craig Mod
      • Richard Morrison
      • Christoph Niemann
      • Eddie Opara
      • William Poundstone
      • Christian Schwartz
      • Aaris Sherin
      • Todd Simmons
      • Robert Wong
  • 10/18/2011

    AIGA Colorado

    Denver, CO USA

    A Lecture for AIGA Colorado in Denver hosted at the beautiful Denver Art Museum.

  • 10/10/2011


    Oslo, Norway

    Oslo’s web conference gathering the best speakers that live and breath web design and development.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Albert Shum
      • Nikolai Onken
      • Sarah Parmenter
      • Simon Collison
      • Christopher Murphy & Nicklas Persson
      • Thomas Lewis
      • Andy Budd
      • Eva-Lotta Lamm
      • Russ Unger
      • Dustin Diaz
      • Lea Verou
      • Vitaly Friedman
      • Joseph O’Sullivan
      • Ivo Gabrowitsch
      • Sara Chipps
      • Wolf Becvar
      • Rich Quick
  • 09/11/2011

    Flash on the Beach

    Now renamed “Reasons to Be Creative”. Three full days packed with amazing talks from the worlds best coders and designers. Expect lots of opportunities to mix and network with peers from over 30 countries. Expect to walk away inspired and invigorated and keen to get back to work to produce a killer project to be proud of!

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Carlos Ulloa
      • Andreas Ronning
      • Greg Rewis
      • Stray
      • Jon Howard
      • Elliot Jay Stocks
      • Bradley G Munkowitz
      • Aaron Walter
      • Rob Bateman
      • Eugene Zatepyakin
      • Rich Shupe
      • Han Hoogerbrugge
      • Jon Burgerman
      • Philipp Moeser & Mattes Groeger
      • Mark Anders
      • Tomek Augustyn
      • Seb Lee-Delisle
      • Richard Galvan
      • Joa Ebert
      • Mike Chambers
      • Dr. Woohoo!
      • Chris Georgenes
      • Sarah Parmenter
      • David Lenaerts
      • Joel Gethin Lewis
      • Remy Sharp
      • Hillman Curtis
      • Angie Taylor
      • Cyriak Harris
      • James Victore
      • Keith Peters
      • Conrad Winchester
      • Thomas Vian
      • Lee Brimelow
      • Paulo Fierro
      • Jer Thorp
      • Eva-Lotta Lamm
      • Frank Reitberger
      • Jared Ficklin
      • James White
      • Stefan Richter
      • Joshua Davis
  • 06/22/2011

    HOW Conference

    The HOW Conference is a massive annual conference that shifts location each year. I participated in the 2011 conference in Chicago.

  • 04/14/2011

    AIGA Design Ranch

    Austin, TX USA

    Design Ranch is an intimate, three-day, hands-on workshop-driven design retreat in a rustic setting on the banks of the Guadalupe River. Our workshops will rekindle your creative spark as they guide you through every facet of design and creative thinking.

  • 11/07/2010

    Build Conference

    Belfast, Ireland

    Build is a small, yet perfectly formed, boutique design conference where interesting, talented web practitioners from all over the world come to share ideas, techniques and inspiration. Some are on stage; some are in the audience.

  • 10/23/2010

    AIGA Think Tank

    Nashville, TN USA

    Every year, AIGA Nashville builds a power-packed day filled with unrivaled industry talent and the most innovative and thought-stirring content. Attendees will be treated to world-class presentations, catered lunch and a roundtable discussion where the audience has the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Sean Adams
      • Jina Bolton
      • Tasha French
  • 09/01/2010


    Guadalajara, Mexico

    DesignFest, by its size and number of international and foreign visitors, is the largest design event in Mexico. It joins academics and university students related to the design. Offers lectures and workshops given by renowned international designers.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Ashwini Deshpande
      • Alejandra Aceves
      • Adrián Pierini
      • Case Group
      • Christian Montenegro
      • Ezequiel Farca
      • Francisco Navarro
      • La Grandja Design
      • Luca Borgogno
      • NOSIGNER
      • Sebastián Guerrini
  • 08/18/2010

    Semi-Permanent: Auckland

    Aukland, New Zealand

    Semi-Permanent is a world leading design conference that to date has hosted 29 events in 9 cities, covering 5 countries, with over 200 speakers and 50,000 attendees. In 2012, Semi-Permanent celebrates ten years of events- that's a decade full of stories and wisdom from industry idols.

    The event covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interaction design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, and architecture, and much more.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Storm Thorgerson
      • Andrew Gordon (Pixar)
      • Duncan Speakman
      • Dick & Otis Frizzell
      • Adrian Shaughnessy
      • Nicolas Roope
      • The Light Surgeons
      • Karen Walker & Mikhail Gherman
      • Buck
      • Katrin Sonnleitner
      • Poke London
      • Frost* Design
  • 05/14/2010

    AIGA Fresh Dialogue

    New York, NY USA

    The future of fonts as we know them is ever-changing. To help prognosticate, we're collecting some of the industry's leaders and asking them to explain what's coming next, why and how it will effect our everyday. We'll touch on lettering, foundries, collectives, technology and applications as well as web, customization and licensing. Fellow presenters were Georg Seifert and Joshua Darden. Moderated by Matteo Bologna.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • Georg Seifert
      • Joshua Darden
      • Matteo Bologna
  • 03/18/2010

    Semi-Permanent, Sydney

    Sydney, Australia

    Semi-Permanent is a world leading design conference that to date has hosted 29 events in 9 cities, covering 5 countries, with over 200 speakers and 50,000 attendees. In 2012, Semi-Permanent celebrates ten years of events- that's a decade full of stories and wisdom from industry idols.

    The event covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interaction design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, and architecture, and much more.

    Fellow Speakers:

      • James Dive (The Glue Society)
      • Travis Millard & Mel Kadel
      • David Michod
      • Louise Bannister & Natasha Cantwell (Frankie Magazine)
      • John Trippe (Fecal Face)
      • Eddie Zammit & Luke Fraser (T-World)
      • Craig Schuftan
      • Jill Greenberg
      • Tin & Ed
      • Ashley Gilbertson
      • Jasper Goodall

Rates & Availability

Speaking rates vary depending on the type of event and the amount of travel and preparation required. It is assumed that all air travel / hotel / car travel will be paid for by the event organizers. On top of these basic accommodations, a speaking fee will be agreed upon. I’ve used a few different frameworks for establishing a flexible speaking rate. The first is the “five attendee tickets” rule, which uses the full-price cost of a ticket to the event to determine the speaking rate. If a full-price ticket costs $1,500, the speaking fee would be 5 x $1500 or $7500. If full-price tickets cost $50, the speaking fee would be $250. This allows me to lower my rates for small events geared toward (broke) students. The second framework is based on day-rate pricing (in which the rate on the day I speak is my full day-rate and any other conference or travel days associated with the trip are charged at 1/2 day-rate). This framework can be more useful for events involving international or long distance travel or those requiring new talks to be written.

When it comes to availability, this can vary depending on what projects I have on my plate. I prioritize events that allow me to have the maximum impact with minimum time away from my family. It is easier for me to travel during the work week than on weekends, and for the time being I am unavailable for events that require being away for more than 3-4 days.

School Visits & Book Readings

I love visiting schools and talking to very young students about my career as a “person who draws the alphabet”. Both of my kids books (Tomorrow I’ll be Brave and the forthcoming Tomorrow I’ll be Kind)are geared toward a very young audience and I’ve had a great time speaking to children between kindergarten and second grade. Generally for these events, I give a 20 minute presentation which can include a live drawing demo, followed by a Q&A (books are signed and distributed to children who have purchased a book after the event unless all students in attendance have ordered a copy). If you’re interested in having me come to your school, please contact Kaitlin Kneafsey at Penguin Random House.