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Don’t be fooled into thinking this class is just about book covers—it’s applicable to all kinds of lettering projects, especially those that deal with bringing conceptual thinking into your work and organizing complex typographical hierarchies. If you've ever struggled with creating interesting and legible layouts for your work, this is a great class for you. This course focuses on the ideation and sketch phase, with the end result being a well-developed design ready for finalization. While I use an iPad and Procreate in the class, these tools are not required for the course. All you need to get going is a pencil and paper! For tips on vectorizing art, see my other classes, listed below.

    Student Testimonials

  • Jessica outdoes herself with each video. This is perhaps my favorite as she really stresses the importance of not jumping into creating, but arming oneself with a lot of research, planning, and forethought — before work ever actually begins. Aside from her excellent presentation on the process, she comes across as a really thoughtful teacher and a warm person.

    — Eph S.
  • I thought about skipping this class since I don't have Procreate, but 99% of it is applicable with other software or even just pen and paper. Thanks, Jessica, for another great class!

    — Hannah B.

Take your logos and other design work from good to great in this in-depth class. Whether you’re looking to improve an existing project or starting from scratch, you’ll learn a methodical approach to improving individual letterforms and overall designs and enhance your ability to critique your own work. Perfect for designers of any skill level.

    Student Testimonials

  • This class is essential for anyone interested in lettering, logo work, or design in general. While Jessica's checklist is specific to logos, her process for reviewing and critiquing your own work will help any creative look at their own art with new eyes. I honestly recommend this class to anyone in a creative field as an inside look at how one of the preeminent designers of our time creates spectacular work again and again.

    — Becca Cloyd

Learn how to create beautiful letters and alphabets by starting with the simplest possible project: making a single letter. Formatted to follow the sketch to finish creation of my Penguin Drop Cap series, this very in-depth class is great for anyone interested in learning about my process for creating lettering, for learning how to create concept-driven lettering work from scratch, and for improving vector drafting skills.

    Student Testimonials

  • Perfect course for not only setting up a solid process for your lettering and/or designs but also for brushing up on professional etiquette, creating rapport, working with and around clients, being clear and concise about your ideas and presenting them clearly and in a detailed manner. Very important course for anyone in the field :) Loved it!

    — André Bruwer
  • Great class. Jessica Hische has the wonderful ability to teach in a very engaging, charming and effective way. There are a lot of useful tips and information and a great walk-through of the whole creative process

    — Tiz Murgi
  • An excellent class! I love Jessica's teaching style and all the tips and tricks scattered through this insight into her process. It has inspired me to practice, experiment and read and learn more about lettering and typography. Would highly recommend. Can't wait for her next class!

    — Ruby Boyce