Helpful Things

A handy page full of people, places, and things that I love.



  • A List Apart

    A wonderful site covering all things relating to the web with well-written articles by the field’s top practitioners

  • Awwwards

    Pure web candy

  • Codecademy
  • Code Pen

    A playground for the front end web—find example design patterns and inspiration for projects

  • CSS Tricks

    Chris Coyier’s excellent and extremely helpful site with articles, code snippets, and other goodies.

  • Don’t Fear the Internet

    A site I created with Russ Maschmeyer to teach basic HTML and CSS to Non-Web Designers.

  • Kirby CMS

    I use Kirby as the content management system for my website. It’s amazing.

  • Method and Craft

    Web-centric interviews and articles “exploring the creative mind and beauty within each pixel”

  • Microformats

    A resource for semantic HTML in general and microformats

  • Mozilla Developers Network

    An open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Top online documentation for HTML, CSS, JS, DOM

  • Site Inspire

    A showcase of beautiful web and interactive design

  • Site Point

    SitePoint is a hub for web developers to share their passion for building incredible Internet things

  • Smashing Magazine

    An extensive resource on web design and development

  • Treehouse

    An online resource of tutorials for learning to code, build apps, websites, and more

  • WordPress Codex

    A massive site full of articles and forums as well as extensive documentation of all Wordpress features that is relatively easy to read and learn from

  • Zeldman

    Web Design news and information since 1995

  • Website Setup

    A guide for beginners of how to set up a website (not code, just set up) including buying domains, setting up hosting, etc. It's definitely not comprehensive in terms of showing you all of the CMS options out there, but does a good job (if you're a total n00b) getting you started.

Helpful Projects

  • 52x52

  • Daily Drop Cap

  • Quotes & Accents

  • Inker Linker

  • Mom, This is How Twitter Works

  • Should I Work for Free?

  • Don’t Fear the Internet

  • Thousands Under 90


Friends and colleagues or just folks I admire.

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Things I’ve Bought That I Love



  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    I predominantly use Adobe Illustrator when creating my final vector artwork

  • Big Cartel / Pulley App

    The CMS / service I use for my online store

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox completely changed the way I work and how I organize files

  • Kirby CMS

    I use Kirby as the content management system for my website

  • Kyle Brush

    The best photoshop brushes around if you want to make digital work with analog appeal

  • Glyphs

    The font editor I use when designing typefaces

  • Scanner Pro

    This app is honestly life changing if you need to send documents or sketches to people. I no longer use a flatbed scanner at the office because of it.

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